America’s Finest Hemp CBD, Since 1775

Cornbread Hemp

America’s Finest Hemp CBD, Since 1775

Kentucky-grown Hemp

The most CBD-rich hemp comes from Kentucky. Why? We sit on the 37th parallel, the same latitude line that splits the Hindu Kush mountains, where many strains originated.

Distilled for Potency

CBD oils shouldn't be brown and full of plant matter. We've distilled our's to take out everything but the good stuff. It's the most potent, bioavailable CBD oil that is legally available.

Third Party Lab Tested

Don't accept a lab certificate of analysis unless it is from an accredited third party laboratory. Independent testing is crucial to ensure the safety of any hemp extract.




“For a long time I said I was going to try the CBD Oil. When I found Cornbread I decided to take the plunge. I like this product. The lotion is great and the oil helps me relax and sleep. Thank you Cornbread for helping make my life a little less painful and a lot more relaxing.”

-Karen S., verified buyer


“We’ve been giving this to our daughter, who has autism, for about 3 weeks now. It seems to have made a huge difference in her temperament. In the past 3 weeks she has had a drastic reduction in meltdowns. Knowing how often she was having meltdowns before we started using this product, I really don’t think it’s a coincidence.”

-Derek T., verified buyer


“I have used at least 3 other CBD oil products and find Cornbread to be the best. The taste is better than others that have not had additional flavors added to it. I use it to help sleep and it has done the best job. I go to sleep faster and sleep more soundly. In addition I have been using it on my hands and body and it is good at dissolving the age spots over time. I have not tried the calming oil yet, but I expect it to be good as well.”

-John A., verified buyer


“Love this Kentucky product! I’ve been using CBD full spectrum for about a year with vast improvements to sleep quality and reduction of anxiety issues. I just tried the version for dogs around the 4th of July with positive results for my pets who abhor storms and fireworks. Fast shipping.”

-Elaine D., verified buyer


“I have been researching and trying out products lately to help with anxiety. With this, I have gone through many products, but ultimately find these to be the best. I have not cared for the many gummy versions out there, so a quick pill each evening does the trick for me. Absolutely love it. This product has had significant impact on my life by making nighttime so much easier.”

-Ernie S., verified buyer


“I have tried another brand of oil here in KY but it was horrible. If I took more than 4 – 5 drops, I would get a terrible headache. I thought it was just oil in general that made that happen to me. Thought I’d try another brand and I’m so glad I did. No headache with Cornbread and it seems to be giving me more mental clarity and helping to ease my anxiety. Helping me to sleep better throughout the night. I also notice less pain in my knees and lower back. The changes are subtle but I can tell a difference and I like it. I’ll be ordering more.”

-DAN C., verified buyer

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Cornbread Hemp CBD Oil for pain relief


“I have sciatica pain when I use this is stops the pain for a while. I love it.”

-Christina S., verified buyer

Distilled for potency

Why is distilled CBD oil better?

If you’ve taken a hemp CBD oil before, you know that most of them contain a very harsh, grassy aftertaste and are usually a dark brown color. This is because most brands in the CBD industry are mixing the first run of hemp crude oil with a carrier like MCT oil, and then bottling this mixture directly without any filtration. 

Not at Cornbread Hemp. We knew we could do better. Made from our signature distilled hemp extract, we’ve taken out 100% of the plant matter and grassy flavors found in other products made with harsh whole hemp crude oil. 

As a result, the full spectrum cannabinoids present in Cornbread Hemp CBD oils are more bioavailable and will penetrate your system much quicker than thick crude oils.

Pet-safe, natural extracts

Does your dog have anxiety?

If your pet experiences separation anxiety, or nervousness during storms or fireworks, Cornbread Hemp can help!

Our pet-safe CBD oil is specifically formulated to assist both cats and dogs suffering from anxiety, pain, and other age related issues.

Made from our signature distilled hemp extract, your pet won’t be turned away by grassy flavors found in other products made with harsh whole hemp crude oil. 

Cornbread Hemp has solved that issue by distilling out all unwanted plant matter and grassy flavors. Your pet can stay on diet, off the treats, and away from tummy issues.

But we didn’t stop there, we also added corndog flavoring (bacon + sweet) that dogs can’t get enough of. They’ll jump for joy when you reach for the Cornbread Corndog CBD oil!


“My dog loves this stuff and chills out after taking it. It was great to have our dog sitter give this to him while we were out of town. He was extra stressed without us, but the pet oil really helped him relax.”

-ASHLEY L., verified buyer

About Cornbread

Committed to Safety and Transparency

From 1775 until the 1970’s, over two thirds of the American hemp supply was grown in Kentucky, and this wasn’t an accident. Kentucky is to hemp what the Napa Valley is to wine; the finest cultivating climate on Earth for it’s chosen crops.

Now that it’s finally legal, we’re back and harvesting more hemp than ever. Our team at Cornbread Hemp is committed to producing the safest, most powerful Kentucky-grown hemp wellness products that are legally available. Grown, distilled, packaged, and shipped from Kentucky; You’ll know when it’s Cornbread.

James Higdon



Consumer Reports

Percentage of Users Report That it Was Extremely Effective:

Reduce anxiety & relax
Better sleep
Reduce muscle & joint pain
Experienced no side effects

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America's Finest Hemp SInce 1775